I love my friends. Especially when they give me passes to Fashion Week. Earlier today I was lucky enough to go see Jenny Packhams’ show for NYFW. It was spectacular! I had the perfect seat (next to Guiliana Rancic), and spotted celebrities and it-girls everywhere. Playing cool was definitly one of the hardest things I have ever done..

Nevertheless, I managed to keep calm and focus on the most important thing; the collection! The dresses were feminine and extravagant with a hint of masculine undertones. And there were sparkles. Lots of it. As Jenny Packham describes it: “The collection celebrates the dualism of masculinity and femininity and the fluidity of both: the idea that, far from being irreconcilable, the two are perpetually passing into each other”. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.. (Sorry for the iphone quality, my camera ran out of power..) IMG_5456








X Hanna

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