Sunday funday

Since yesterday was spent solely in bed, we decided that today had to be more productive. After the mandetory long sunday breakfast, we headed to Bloomingdales and 5th avenue for some post-birthday shopping. On my list was a matte, gold watch – which was the only thing I didn’t find. Every single one looked cheap and blingy – something a rapper would wear in a lowbudget music video – if you know what I mean.. I did, however, find a new Marc Jacobs Wallet, some basics at Zara and Topshop, two pair of shoes, and a super cheap bag at forever21. The Loboutin nail polish was a birthday gift from Maria and Emilie. It’s the perfect shade of red!

We also managed to squeeze in a lunch at TAO. Their Crispy Orange Chicken is to die for. A true must if you’re ever in the city.

At the moment I’m just laying in bed trying to start my 2000 word paper that’s due tommorrow night. I’m writing about new reproductive technologies and their impact on family structure and society at large. Sounds fun? It’s not..

See you soon! Xx Hanna

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