10 things that happen once you move to New York

  • You learn that stepping out of your front door almost guarantees you will spend at least $10 that day. Somehow, somewhere, you will spend it
  • You will learn accept the fact that you pay $1400 for a single room, realising that every movie you’ve ever seen from NYC is unrealistic bullshit; There is no way Ms. Carrie Bradshaw had the money to buy her own apartment…
  • In fact, you’ll appreciate any apartment that doesn’t contain; cockroaches, holes in the walls or a carpeted floor.
  • You will become disturbingly used to all sorts of craziness; a woman reading the Bible a the top of her lungs whilst the amateur dancers are putting on a show in your subway cart? Good morning to you too!
  • You are certain that everyone who smiles at you on the Subway are either crazy or, well, crazy.
  • You become surprisingly good at small-talk, seeing that you always meet new people.
  • Slowly but surely, you develop an aversion to every “tourist spot”. Times Square is a true nightmare.
  • You work 12 hour days without earning a dime – but you get to work with the best in the business, so you don’t care at all.
  • You suddenly become addicted to caffeine, so much in fact, that your local Starbucks remembers your order. This city never sleeps , neither do you.
  •  Weekdays and weekdays are one and the same. Tuesday is the new Friday and Friday is the new Sunday.

Weekend mode



Sweater Gina Tricot Skirt Zara Jacket Forever21 Boots BIANCO 

Finally weekend! After what seemed like the longest school day ever, I headed to Sephora at Times Square, to get my makeup done for tonight. Since I’ve spent way too much money at the store, I’m lucky enough to get makeovers for free :)) I’ve never used this service before, but it’s safe to say that this won’t be the last. I’m so happy with the result – don’t know how they do it..

Xx Hanna

Back on track



After a restless couple of days in bed, I’m finally feeling better! Little did it hurt when I realized in was 25 degrees outside. Did anyone say Summer in October? .. I ended up wearing a dress from NakedWardrobe, a green trench from Gina Tricot and my new favourite shoes from Zara; They are so comfortable!

Other than that  the day has been spent celebrating Maria’s 20th birthday! We’ve managed to eat at both Max Brenner and Hakkasan, so I guess you can say we’re kind of stuffed right now. The chocolate pizza at Max B was heaven, whilst Hakkasan was a real disappointment. The restaurant itself was very chic, but the service was terrible and the food was OK.. We’re definitely going with TAO next time. Either way, we ended up having a blast, like we always do. I love my girls!

I’ll write you tomorrow!

Xx Hanna