10 things that happen once you move to New York

  • You learn that stepping out of your front door almost guarantees you will spend at least $10 that day. Somehow, somewhere, you will spend it
  • You will learn accept the fact that you pay $1400 for a single room, realising that every movie you’ve ever seen from NYC is unrealistic bullshit; There is no way Ms. Carrie Bradshaw had the money to buy her own apartment…
  • In fact, you’ll appreciate any apartment that doesn’t contain; cockroaches, holes in the walls or a carpeted floor.
  • You will become disturbingly used to all sorts of craziness; a woman reading the Bible a the top of her lungs whilst the amateur dancers are putting on a show in your subway cart? Good morning to you too!
  • You are certain that everyone who smiles at you on the Subway are either crazy or, well, crazy.
  • You become surprisingly good at small-talk, seeing that you always meet new people.
  • Slowly but surely, you develop an aversion to every “tourist spot”. Times Square is a true nightmare.
  • You work 12 hour days without earning a dime – but you get to work with the best in the business, so you don’t care at all.
  • You suddenly become addicted to caffeine, so much in fact, that your local Starbucks remembers your order. This city never sleeps , neither do you.
  •  Weekdays and weekdays are one and the same. Tuesday is the new Friday and Friday is the new Sunday.

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