Black friday


Black Friday

THERE’S A SALE! A couple of years ago, I used to be one of those impulse shoppers who bought everything that looked cute, cool and unique. Quantity over quality was my motto, and I loved having a broad selection in my wardrobe. However, as I grew older and started to have those “I-have-nothing-to-wear” meltdowns, I realized that sequin dresses and patterned skirts, are destined for one-time use. That colorful dress that looked gorgeous at last years Christmas party, doesn’t necessarily look that great when grabbing a drink at the local bar. Luckily, my attitude changed and I started to understand the value of good basics…

That being said, what haven’t changed for the better, is my budget. When your credit card won’t go along with your style; there is only one thing to do – fake it. Find a thing in-between Net-a-Porter and Forever 21 – stores like Zara and COS for example. Another thing to look for is sales. Great sales that is. Not those crappy end-of-the-year-leftover-sales where a flowery dress in XL is your best bet. In my experience, sales with a genuine selection are usually found on special days, like today, Black Friday. Since this is the biggest sales day in the US, I saw this as a great opportunity (excuse) for some post midterms, pre exams treats. In fear of being blinded by the 30% off tag, I spent 3 hours online, considering every item that went into the cart and ended up with some great, black basics. I can’t wait to wear the chain bag (whilst I’m saving up for my Chanel) and the black pony hair skirt…

And in case any of you wondered; Material motivation works.

Xx Hanna




Happy Thanksgiving







First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s a peek of todays dressy casual thanksgiving look. It’s finally cold enough (15 Celsius..) to wear a coat! This one from Zara is an old favorite – I love the faux fur.

Earlier today Maria and I went to see the Christmas Spectacular by the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall.The show has been running every christmas for over 80 years, so as the musical enthusiast I am, I had high expectations. However, to my surprise, it exceeded every single one. It was   mind-blowing. So good, in fact, that it deserves its own post which I’ll show you tomorrow. Right now, I have to get ready for tonight’s dinner; I’m looking forward to a night filled with great food and amazing people!

Lastly, since this is the day of thanks, I thought it would be appropriate to finish of with a sentence of gratitude. I’m beyond grateful for my life, and everyone who is in it. I’m grateful for every opportunity I get, and everything life throws at me; the good and the bad. I’m one lucky girl.

Xx Hanna

Shoot for Qvest Magazine

Whilst browsing around on Pinterest the other day, I stumbled over some pictures from Qvest Magazine, and a shoot I assisted on last winter.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, one of the biggest misconceptions surrounding the fashion industry and the styling profession, is the assumption that everything is glitter and glam. Easy, effortless work. Well, at this shoot, we spent over 14 hours outside – it was March, freezing and we barely had a break. And let me tell you; Making sure that everything is flawless, whilst running out of body heat (and energy), is not an easy task! Luckily, when the team is great, the results are too.

Photographer Britta Leurman//Stylist Connie Berg// Hair Anja Grassegger// Model Ragnhild Jevne //Styling Ass. Elise Sandvik and Hanna Aasen

What lifts you?


I’m the kind of person who considers street art the most beautiful kind of art there is; It’s a true, raw expression of passion and creativity. It’s art without boundaries and limitations. Even though the above piece by Kelsey Montague isn’t the most provocative, socially critical piece, she encourages people to contemplate an important question; What lifts you? What inspires you to get up in the morning? To pursue the day?

As human beings, I think it’s essential for us to have something to strive for. Dreams and goals that makes us look at life from a positive perspective; looking forward to tomorrow. To what comes next. What’s great about this, is that there is no unambiguous answer; no right or wrongs. It’s solely a matter of personal preferences. Some people may draw inspiration and happiness from their everyday routines; their workout or a good cup of coffee. Others may find inspiration from a character they admire; maybe a compassionate, empathic friend? A hard worker? A celebrity?

Personally, I draw inspiration from my own goals. I’m a dreamer out of dimensions, and consequently, I have goals to match; Goals that are a couple of years ahead. Right know, my primary goal is to finish my bachelor’s degree and then maybe an MBA. Simultaneously, I wish to start my career by pursuing some of the opportunities in this city. Luckily, it looks like my schedule for the spring semester will give me some time to intern; I can’t wait! I love to work, especially in the fantastic industry of fashion.

So why am I writing this? Well, there are two reasons. Firstly, It’s because I believe everyone should have something that lifts them. Inspires them to be the best they can be. Secondly, it’s because I’m currently studying for two exams, and I’m exhausted. However, having my goals in the back of my mind, I’m inspired to do my best.

I’m not a big fan of quotes, on the contrary I often find them mushy and apathetic. Nevertheless, I must admit, I liked the quote used in the context of this campaign,“Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly”

So, what lifts you?

Xx From the city of dreams



Brooklyn Bridge

REDIGERT thumb_SAM_1818_1024

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REDIGERT thumb_SAM_2825_1024

Wearing my new shirt from BALMAIN X H&M, skirt and boots from Zara and my favourite bag from Gucci. I simply love 70’s fashion and all it’s glamour! No jacket necessary – it’s still summer and 20 celsius over here.

Living in New York, one often forget to do the things people travel here to see, the touristy things. Even though few of these attractions make up the real New York, it is fun to visit them once in a while. Especially to get some cool pictures – Brooklyn Bridge together with the Island of Manhattan, is a pretty cool backdrop..

Anyhow, how’s your weekend going? So far, mine has been relaxing, which is exactly what I needed. My schedule has been beyond hectic the past few weeks, so the weekends are spent to unwind; Just doing whatever comes to mind. Waking up without the monstrous alarm, enjoying breakfast, go shopping at 5th, work out or hang out with friends. Today we woke up feeling a bit adventurous, so we ended up walking over to Brooklyn, enjoyed the view from DUMBO, and had dinner at SHAKE SHACK. (The equivalent to California’s In-and-Out). By the time we got home, day had suddenly turned to night, and we decided that a girls-night-in was more tempting than hitting the clubs.

At the moment, we’re watching Magic Mike XXL whilst consuming heavy loads of wine, popcorn and chocolate. In other words, I should put the Mac away…. Either way, have a great night, and I’ll write you tomorrow!

Xx Hanna



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As you should may already know, today was the launch of the BALMAIN X H&M collaboration. When the items of this collection was released, I was ecstatic – the pieces were gorgeous, in true BALMAIN fashion – extravagant, glamorous, and a little too much. I couldn’t wait to strut around dressed in head-to-toe Balmain.

Full of hope and anticipation, Maria and I went to the 5th avenue store 7:30 this morning, thinking we were out in good time. Turns out, we couldn’t have been more wrong. The line was endless, people had already received their wristbands and there were no way anything would be left for us after they had their turn. Therefore, we went to the Times Square store, hoping there would be less people (feel the irony). Turns out, luck was on our side; We were greeted by a friendly old man, got a baby-blue wristband, and stood in line for 2 hours.

When they finally let our group into the shopping area, the ambiance went from crazy to circus – people were all over the place, and items were ripped of the racks. Consequently, the selection was slim, and I only managed to get my hands on a couple of pieces. Pieces, which I’m beyond happy about – I love the fabric, cut and colors. Bottle green is definitely this falls’ it-color..

Did you get anything from the designer collab?

Xx Hanna

Good Morning, New York!

Even though this city never sleeps, there is something rare about New York mornings. The air is fresh and crisp ; filled with the distinct aroma of coffee and bagels. People are rushing off in every direction, determined and ambitious. They’re late, just like me. I head towards the L train, and as usual, I pick the cart that smells like someone just died. Great. I get of at Union Square and catch my breath. Whilst running to the next platform, Stings’ ‘Shape of my heart’ fills the station and creates a surprisingly relaxing atmosphere. The musicians are so talented. I jump on the 4 train that is headed to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall. With Ellie Goulding in my ears, I stare at all the people in the cart; everyone is tired, so mysterious. I can’t tell if they are unhappy, contemplating their lives, or if they’re just wondering how their day is going to be. The suit besides me looks pretty nervous. Trembling. He probably has a big meeting to get to. The doors open, and I snap out of my hypnotized state. I speed walk towards One Pace Plaza, grab a skinny chai latte at Starbucks, and walk up the stairs to the 6th floor. Before I enter room 602, I smile. Good morning, New York!

By Chloé

185 Bleecker st, New York, NY 10012

By Chloé is the new, vegan, it-place in town. Everyone I know has hyped about the place lately, and yesterday I got the fuzz. Their Guac burger was amazing! Better than any regular burger I’ve ever had – and it’s healthy! What’s not to love?