Brooklyn Bridge

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Wearing my new shirt from BALMAIN X H&M, skirt and boots from Zara and my favourite bag from Gucci. I simply love 70’s fashion and all it’s glamour! No jacket necessary – it’s still summer and 20 celsius over here.

Living in New York, one often forget to do the things people travel here to see, the touristy things. Even though few of these attractions make up the real New York, it is fun to visit them once in a while. Especially to get some cool pictures – Brooklyn Bridge together with the Island of Manhattan, is a pretty cool backdrop..

Anyhow, how’s your weekend going? So far, mine has been relaxing, which is exactly what I needed. My schedule has been beyond hectic the past few weeks, so the weekends are spent to unwind; Just doing whatever comes to mind. Waking up without the monstrous alarm, enjoying breakfast, go shopping at 5th, work out or hang out with friends. Today we woke up feeling a bit adventurous, so we ended up walking over to Brooklyn, enjoyed the view from DUMBO, and had dinner at SHAKE SHACK. (The equivalent to California’s In-and-Out). By the time we got home, day had suddenly turned to night, and we decided that a girls-night-in was more tempting than hitting the clubs.

At the moment, we’re watching Magic Mike XXL whilst consuming heavy loads of wine, popcorn and chocolate. In other words, I should put the Mac away…. Either way, have a great night, and I’ll write you tomorrow!

Xx Hanna

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