Black friday


Black Friday

THERE’S A SALE! A couple of years ago, I used to be one of those impulse shoppers who bought everything that looked cute, cool and unique. Quantity over quality was my motto, and I loved having a broad selection in my wardrobe. However, as I grew older and started to have those “I-have-nothing-to-wear” meltdowns, I realized that sequin dresses and patterned skirts, are destined for one-time use. That colorful dress that looked gorgeous at last years Christmas party, doesn’t necessarily look that great when grabbing a drink at the local bar. Luckily, my attitude changed and I started to understand the value of good basics…

That being said, what haven’t changed for the better, is my budget. When your credit card won’t go along with your style; there is only one thing to do – fake it. Find a thing in-between Net-a-Porter and Forever 21 – stores like Zara and COS for example. Another thing to look for is sales. Great sales that is. Not those crappy end-of-the-year-leftover-sales where a flowery dress in XL is your best bet. In my experience, sales with a genuine selection are usually found on special days, like today, Black Friday. Since this is the biggest sales day in the US, I saw this as a great opportunity (excuse) for some post midterms, pre exams treats. In fear of being blinded by the 30% off tag, I spent 3 hours online, considering every item that went into the cart and ended up with some great, black basics. I can’t wait to wear the chain bag (whilst I’m saving up for my Chanel) and the black pony hair skirt…

And in case any of you wondered; Material motivation works.

Xx Hanna




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