Chan(n)el your inner peace


For the first time in years, I didn’t have any specific items on my wish list, yet, somehow, I got exactly what I wanted. My family and friends knows me well, that’s for sure. One of the items I unwrapped last night was this book of Chanel, collections and creations. In addition to the stories behind their iconic symbols, it’s studded with images, photographs and drawings that gives us a better understanding of both Coco and the iconic house. My heart literally skipped when I skimmed through it. (I could tell it on my new Garmin watch..) I guess passion for fashion just got a whole new denotation…

Other than that, I have to admit; life is pretty ok when you’re in your PJ’s till late afternoon… However, the clock has passed three and its time to put on the masque and find and outfit. Family dinner and a girls’ night out is on the agenda. Maybe I’ll pop by with an outfit. If I find something to wear, that is.

Xx Hanna

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