Closet cravings

Uten navn-3

One of my biggest guilty pleasures is spending time browsing online, pretending that everything I click ends up in my closet. When I saw this collection from Saint Laurent at Net-a-porter, my dreams were heightened. Cool, casual, and everything a girl should wear this spring… Imagine going to a festival in the studded fringed denim skirt paired with a white tee, a leather jacket and some cool sneakers. And, of course, red lips.

Luckily, these looks won’t be impossible to achieve: Zara always has great alternatives to runway looks. Fingers crossed that they pick some of these pieces to recreate.

Xx Hanna

Beauty tip: Makeup remover


When I was at Sephora the other day, I passed by this little plastic bag on my way to the cashier. It’s a reusable makeup remover that is easy to use and gentle to your skin – no unnecessary chemicals! Although I was sceptic at first, my doubts were removed as quickly as my makeup…

makeup cloth 2

Xx Hanna

Spread a little love

Happy Valentines! Have a great day with the people you love. ♡

Somehow, someway, this weekend disappeared before I even realized it had started – time flies when you’re having fun, that’s for sure. Since I took both Friday and Saturday off, today is spent catching up on school and work. I have so many projects going on, and even though it’s a lot of work, I’m very excited. I’m one of those people who gets more energy by having a hectic schedule. Get up, and get it done.  

Other than that, it’s freezing outside. Negative 18 Celsius is not my cup of tea and thus leaving the apartment is the last thing on my mind. I guess that’s the beauty of paying rent in NYC; you don’t feel bad for staying inside an entire day…

Xx Hanna 


Me and my bags

I was 3 years old when I bought my first handbag. It was bright pink, had a top handle and lots of, lots of pearls. I loved it, and wore it everywhere – proudly showing of my latest purchase. As I grew older, my interest for bags grew and it became some sort of hobby. A passion. At 15 I invested in my first designer bag: A Louis Vuitton Speedy 30. Needless to say, I was even prouder. Especially since I had worked hours at the local café to be able to afford it. That, and the fact that my sister was insanely jealous, gave me utter satisfaction.

To date, I can still spend hours looking at bags. Silly, some might think – it’s just a bag. A piece of leather. On the contrary, I believe it so much more than that. It’s an investment. Now, I know that that sounds like it is taken out of shopaholics anonymous. However, what I mean by this is that a designer bag is more than just a status symbol : it’s about the craftsmanship. The quality. The exclusivity. Not to mention the history. Did you know that Louis Vuitton revolutionized travelling with his original trunks? To be very generalizing; Designer bags are to women, what luxury cars are to men. Then again, some people wouldn’t know a great bag if it smacked them in the face…

My point with this little speech is not only to share my fascination for bags, but also to share the extensive amount of work that actually goes into creating these leather luxuries.  Take a look!


Xx Hanna



Loving these new jeans from FRAME denim. Definitely a style I’m going to start investing in – goodbye skinny, hello flared! Another thing that made my day, is the New York weather. Yesterday it was cold and snowy, today it’s cool, crisp and snow free. Life is just so much better when you can wear boots and coats that doesn’t make you look like an overweight Eskimo…

Xx Hanna


New York Fashion Week

Thursday it’s once again time for NYFW, and I’m beyond excited! Being part of this wonderful spectacle is an adventure unlike any other. One I don’t want to miss. However, due to enormous amounts of schoolwork, I’m not going to work any shows or events. Nonetheless, if I’m lucky I might get to go to a show or two. If not, I’ll be outside spotting and snapping – the show outside the show is sometimes an even bigger spectacle than the show itself. Especially before the big designers.


A little #throwback to the Jenny Packham show I went to last fall.

Xx Hanna

Little black box

After getting academic books delivered from Amazon every other day since I got back to New York, it was a nice surprise when a box labeled Net-a-porter landed on my front door. Or, surprise may be pushing it as I did click the items into the shopping cart, and paid for them myself… SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

As I’ve mentioned before, good basics are a necessity in every wardrobe, and if you happen to find such items on sale, it would be a crime not to purchase them. Especially at 70% of. So as a result of my online browsing Tuesday night, I ended up with a pair of 70’s inspired jeans from FRAME denim and a signature t-shirt from Kenzo. Pretty and budget friendly – considering that my wish list in the mentioned store contains items worth more than a luxury car. A girl can dream, right?


Xx Hanna