Loving these new jeans from FRAME denim. Definitely a style I’m going to start investing in – goodbye skinny, hello flared! Another thing that made my day, is the New York weather. Yesterday it was cold and snowy, today it’s cool, crisp and snow free. Life is just so much better when you can wear boots and coats that doesn’t make you look like an overweight Eskimo…

Xx Hanna


New York Fashion Week

Thursday it’s once again time for NYFW, and I’m beyond excited! Being part of this wonderful spectacle is an adventure unlike any other. One I don’t want to miss. However, due to enormous amounts of schoolwork, I’m not going to work any shows or events. Nonetheless, if I’m lucky I might get to go to a show or two. If not, I’ll be outside spotting and snapping – the show outside the show is sometimes an even bigger spectacle than the show itself. Especially before the big designers.


A little #throwback to the Jenny Packham show I went to last fall.

Xx Hanna