Blogpost: Knowing how far you’ve come

Consistency is key – a statement I apply to all aspects of my life, except this website. Nonetheless, I like the idea of having a space where I can be creative, share my thoughts and tips on various aspects of my life. And even though I’m trying, there is one thing working against me – time. Time is running away and I only have five weeks left of the semester. 5 weeks. By the midst of may, I have completed 2 years of my Bachelors. In September, I’ve lived in Manhattan for 2 years. I vividly remember the obscure feeling of happiness and frustration when I first moved her in 2014; Over the moon that I’ve made it, yet super frustrated by our crappy Hell’s Kitchen apartment. Still, it’s an experience I wouldn’t want to be without – we all learned a thing or two about ourselves that year. Including how not to kill a cockroach…

However, even though two years have passed as quick as a wink, a lot have changed.  Since I moved to the city, I’ve gained experiences from so many different fields and industries. I’ve worked with some truly amazing people, and I’ve seen the best and worst of fashion. I’ve met some great people and I’ve met friends for life. I’ve made countless memories that I’m beyond grateful for; More often than not, I’ve had to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

I know this sounds like I’m finishing of something. Like I’m concluding a chapter. Well, I’m not. In a world where everyone is striving to achieve bigger and better goals, I think it’s important to stop, and look back – Remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have to go. In hindsight, I’ve accomplished everything I dreamed of as a kid. Yet, instead of patting myself on the back, I’m stressing my self out over the fact that there is so much more I should’ve done. So much I need to do. As every other college student, I feel like the future is one big weight on my shoulders; there are so many choices, so many paths.

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and therefore I’ve come to terms with the fact that sometimes, something has to remain unknown. Cause if  I’ve learned on thing after two years in New York  it’s that anything can happen when you least expect it.

Xx Hanna