Leave your mark

Last semester, I had a course that emphasized the concept of personal branding; in short, marketing yourself as you would a brand. As my professor put it “If you cannot sell yourself, why should anyone believe you can sell anything else?”

The topic caught my attention, and since I started researching it, I’ve have learned a lot. The first lesson I learned was simple: to be the best, you have to learn from the best. Successful people have ways and methods regular people neglect. Simple ways of thinking that can help you achieve your goals. How do you learn these secrets? You read. The last couple of months I’ve been reading several business and industry books, gaining insights and ideas I wouldn’t thought of otherwise. “Leave Your Mark” by PR mogul Aliza Licht is my newest buy and I can’t wait to crack it open.


Have you read the book? If so, tell me what you think!

Xx Hanna

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