New year, new beginnings

It’s been a while since I logged in at As per usual, it’s been busy, hectic and fun. And even though I’m very happy with my current situation, I feel like something is missing. As long as I can remember, I’ve had an urge to write, share and jot down daily thoughts. I need a place where I can translate my creativity into words and imagery. Therefore, I’ve decided to give this blog one last shot.

Before we enter the new year, let’s appreciate the old. 2016 has been a rollercoaster of a year, that’s for sure: there’s been laughter and tears, challenges and celebrations. Nonetheless,  I’m still grateful. I’m grateful for the people around me and the opportunities I encounter. I’m lucky to be able to live my dream and shape my future as I please. And even though I have no clue where I’ll end up in 2017, I’m excited. This will be the year I graduate with a bachelor’s degree, the year I start my first “adult” job, or the the year I start my masters degree. It might even be the year I move from New York to explore unknown territories.  Who knows. All I know is that sometimes you just have to have some faith and leap into the unknown.  And in 2017, that is exactly what I plan to do. 


Xx Hanna