Since we last spoke I’ve.. 

… Started my last semester at Pace University. With 19 credits, ad team and an internship, this will without a doubt be a tough semester. I’ve been at school for 3 days, and I’ve already had 14 hour days.

…Discovered the magic concept of Uber Pool. The other day, I took an Uber home for $4 – that’s insane.

…Struggled through winter in New York. One day it’s snowing, the other day there’s a rainstorm, and the next it’s freezing. Make.Up.Your.Mind. 

… Worked. A lot. Fashion week is approaching, and there is so much to get done. I don’t mind though; I like what I do, and learn a lot in the process. Not to mention that Fashion Week is my favorite time of year.

… Accepted the fact that I can’t cook. Last week I messed up four dinners in a row – How is  that even possible?

…Been out and about with friends enjoying everything the city has to offer. From brunch to basketball games, there is always something to do.

…Quit sugar.  Or candy that is. After Christmas break, I felt the need for a real detox and have been able to stay away since. Yes, I’m very proud…

 Talk soon, I promise. Xx Hanna

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