New York Fashion Week

Thursday it’s once again time for NYFW, and I’m beyond excited! Being part of this wonderful spectacle is an adventure unlike any other. One I don’t want to miss. However, due to enormous amounts of schoolwork, I’m not going to work any shows or events. Nonetheless, if I’m lucky I might get to go to a show or two. If not, I’ll be outside spotting and snapping – the show outside the show is sometimes an even bigger spectacle than the show itself. Especially before the big designers.


A little #throwback to the Jenny Packham show I went to last fall.

Xx Hanna

Little black box

After getting academic books delivered from Amazon every other day since I got back to New York, it was a nice surprise when a box labeled Net-a-porter landed on my front door. Or, surprise may be pushing it as I did click the items into the shopping cart, and paid for them myself… SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

As I’ve mentioned before, good basics are a necessity in every wardrobe, and if you happen to find such items on sale, it would be a crime not to purchase them. Especially at 70% of. So as a result of my online browsing Tuesday night, I ended up with a pair of 70’s inspired jeans from FRAME denim and a signature t-shirt from Kenzo. Pretty and budget friendly – considering that my wish list in the mentioned store contains items worth more than a luxury car. A girl can dream, right?


Xx Hanna

Shoot for Qvest Magazine

Whilst browsing around on Pinterest the other day, I stumbled over some pictures from Qvest Magazine, and a shoot I assisted on last winter.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, one of the biggest misconceptions surrounding the fashion industry and the styling profession, is the assumption that everything is glitter and glam. Easy, effortless work. Well, at this shoot, we spent over 14 hours outside – it was March, freezing and we barely had a break. And let me tell you; Making sure that everything is flawless, whilst running out of body heat (and energy), is not an easy task! Luckily, when the team is great, the results are too.

Photographer Britta Leurman//Stylist Connie Berg// Hair Anja Grassegger// Model Ragnhild Jevne //Styling Ass. Elise Sandvik and Hanna Aasen



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As you should may already know, today was the launch of the BALMAIN X H&M collaboration. When the items of this collection was released, I was ecstatic – the pieces were gorgeous, in true BALMAIN fashion – extravagant, glamorous, and a little too much. I couldn’t wait to strut around dressed in head-to-toe Balmain.

Full of hope and anticipation, Maria and I went to the 5th avenue store 7:30 this morning, thinking we were out in good time. Turns out, we couldn’t have been more wrong. The line was endless, people had already received their wristbands and there were no way anything would be left for us after they had their turn. Therefore, we went to the Times Square store, hoping there would be less people (feel the irony). Turns out, luck was on our side; We were greeted by a friendly old man, got a baby-blue wristband, and stood in line for 2 hours.

When they finally let our group into the shopping area, the ambiance went from crazy to circus – people were all over the place, and items were ripped of the racks. Consequently, the selection was slim, and I only managed to get my hands on a couple of pieces. Pieces, which I’m beyond happy about – I love the fabric, cut and colors. Bottle green is definitely this falls’ it-color..

Did you get anything from the designer collab?

Xx Hanna

Back on track



After a restless couple of days in bed, I’m finally feeling better! Little did it hurt when I realized in was 25 degrees outside. Did anyone say Summer in October? .. I ended up wearing a dress from NakedWardrobe, a green trench from Gina Tricot and my new favourite shoes from Zara; They are so comfortable!

Other than that  the day has been spent celebrating Maria’s 20th birthday! We’ve managed to eat at both Max Brenner and Hakkasan, so I guess you can say we’re kind of stuffed right now. The chocolate pizza at Max B was heaven, whilst Hakkasan was a real disappointment. The restaurant itself was very chic, but the service was terrible and the food was OK.. We’re definitely going with TAO next time. Either way, we ended up having a blast, like we always do. I love my girls!

I’ll write you tomorrow!

Xx Hanna


I love my friends. Especially when they give me passes to Fashion Week. Earlier today I was lucky enough to go see Jenny Packhams’ show for NYFW. It was spectacular! I had the perfect seat (next to Guiliana Rancic), and spotted celebrities and it-girls everywhere. Playing cool was definitly one of the hardest things I have ever done..

Nevertheless, I managed to keep calm and focus on the most important thing; the collection! The dresses were feminine and extravagant with a hint of masculine undertones. And there were sparkles. Lots of it. As Jenny Packham describes it: “The collection celebrates the dualism of masculinity and femininity and the fluidity of both: the idea that, far from being irreconcilable, the two are perpetually passing into each other”. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.. (Sorry for the iphone quality, my camera ran out of power..) IMG_5456








X Hanna