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During the past fashion crazed weeks, I have had minimal time for self-pampering. My usual (pretty extensive) beauty routine have been trimmed down to a couple of products, lots of dry shampoo, and not much else. Though not a necessity, it feels very necessary to spend some time on pampering activities. So when my schedule opened up, I booked a makeup artist at Sephora before going out.  It’s amazing what an hour in that chair can do to you – I came straight from school, felt tired and exhausted, and left feeling confident and refreshed.

As a VIB Rouge member, I get this treatment for free, but non-members can get a complimentary makeover when buying products for $50; a limit that is pretty attainable at a store like this. It’s the perfect treat for a special occasion or just a night out..

Remember too book your session online in advance.


Enjoy! Xx Hanna

Internships 101 | How to get one

As some of you might know, I’m a very driven and ambitious person – I believe that if you work hard, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. In that spirit, I thought to talk to you about internships; one of the best ways get hands on experience and get connected in the industry.

When telling people about my various internships, they often ask me how I go about it. I’m no expert, but I’ve written down a couple of tips that might be helpful for some of you.


 For fashion internships, I frequently visit Free Fashion Internships, Fashionista and Indeed. Other times, I go directly to the company website – there’s often an email address where you can send an open application. If not, LinkedIn is your best friend.

 One of the best ways to obtain an internship is through connections; let the people around that you are looking – you’ll definitely know someone who knows someone. (Remeber to have your business card ready)

After finding the internships you would like to apply for, research the respective companies and tailor your cover letter to the company. And whatever you do, do not mix them up; nothing is worse than sending how much you love Armani to Topshop or vice versa.


Photo from one of my first photoshoots as a stylist assistant.


Over the years I’ve observed and attended my fair share of interviews and picked up some easy-t0-remember guidelines.

Research the company – this way you can bring up things you have learned, and really wow them by adapting your answers to the company’s values.(Values that you hopefully agree with)

Look sharp, but show personality – I  try to steer away from the white shirt, black bottom receptionst look, by replacing the shirt with a cute blouse and adding a pair of eye-catching shoes.

Arrive early  – you would be surprised how many people come 5 minutes late. It’s never OK.

Bring a hard copy of your resumé – More often the not, the interviewer has not had time to go through the details of your resumé before you meet up. Bringing your resumé shows that you are prepared and proactive.

Last but not least, remember to relax. An interview is not life or death. If you end up getting declined, see the process as an experience, not defeat or waste of time.

 Xx Hanna


Pink party

The City of New York is filled with restaurants. In fact, I remember reading somewhere that I would take you 60 years to try every single one. Now, I don’t have sixty years to try out new restaurants, nor do I have the interest. However, I do love trying new places. before they get too popular and the line goes around the block. The other day I went to the relatively new restaurant, Pietro Nolita in Soho. The restaurant serves healthier Italian food, in a very pink, 50’s inspired environment. When we were there, the place was filled, but not crowded and we enjoyed ourselves with good pasta, and great wine. Definitely worth a visit! Adress? Adress? 174 Elizabeth st. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 7.13.36 PM.pngscreen-shot-2017-01-11-at-7-11-16-pmscreen-shot-2017-01-11-at-7-10-27-pm

Photos: Pietro Nolita and NYtimes

Xx Hanna 



Dinner and Frozé

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Ever since Business Insider published a video of Frosé earlier this summer, I’ve been wanting to check out the hype. Yesterday we found ourselves at its place of origin and couldn’t help ourselves. The slushy wine was delicious, though I think it would be better enjoyed on a hot day in July than on a rainy one in October.  When we mentioned that to the bartender he served us a fall version of the drink – frozen red wine sangria. An explosion of flavors that was worth the brain freeze.

Address:  325 Bowery, New York, NY 10003. 


Let’s talk business

When I moved to New York two years ago, I quickly realized that there is one factor that determines your success more than anything else: your network. That said, gaining a network takes action, lot’s of action. You have to attend events, lectures, and industry gatherings. Meet people that can mentor and help you along the way. But what’s the point of meeting all these people if they forget who you are as soon as you leave the room? Enter, Business card. 

No matter what you do, who you are, or what business you are in, you should always have a business card available. It’s a quick, professional, and easy way to exchange contact information and make a lasting impression.

Since I quit my last internship, I had to get some new, updated business cards. This time I order them from MOO.Com, and I’m very happy with the outcome: they’re clean, simple, and to the point.


And the QR-code? That’s for my professional website, where you’ll find everything from my resume to portfolio.

Xx Hanna


Leave your mark

Last semester, I had a course that emphasized the concept of personal branding; in short, marketing yourself as you would a brand. As my professor put it “If you cannot sell yourself, why should anyone believe you can sell anything else?”

The topic caught my attention, and since I started researching it, I’ve have learned a lot. The first lesson I learned was simple: to be the best, you have to learn from the best. Successful people have ways and methods regular people neglect. Simple ways of thinking that can help you achieve your goals. How do you learn these secrets? You read. The last couple of months I’ve been reading several business and industry books, gaining insights and ideas I wouldn’t thought of otherwise. “Leave Your Mark” by PR mogul Aliza Licht is my newest buy and I can’t wait to crack it open.


Have you read the book? If so, tell me what you think!

Xx Hanna

Sephora Haul

Yesterday, Maria and I stopped by Sephora at Columbus Circle to restock some make-up necessities. Due to our overexcitement for makeup, and lack of shopping willpower, we ended up with a few items that weren’t on the list. Not as fun for the plastic as for us, but as Maria’s mum said humorously ” If you don’t look pretty now, you can’t blame Sephora” Here are some new additions, and old favorites.

SAM_4244 kopi.jpg


Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in color 5 – I have yet to fin a foundation better than this one. It truly creates that flawless skin every girl craves.

NARS Bronzing Powder in color Laguna – an old time favorite.

Anastasia Contour Cream Kit I loved the powdered contour palette, so I can’t wait to try this one. In my experience, creams often look more natural than powder.

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Prosecco Pop/Pamplemousse. This brand is my go-to for highlighters, and these shades were perfect for summer.

(In addition to these products I use a primer from Smashbox and Dior, a corrector from Bobbi Brown, and a setting powder fro YSL.)

SAM_4240 kopi.jpg


Kat Von D tattoo liner. The only liquid eyeliner worth having. The super thin tip gives a flawless line in a matter of minutes. A godsend for those of us that are used to spending 30 minutes and a package of q-tips to create a somewhat OK line.

NARS Larger than Life Long Wear Eyeliner. To enhance and brighten.

Milk Eye Vinyl in color Bridge. A liquid eyeshadow that creates a simple, dewy look.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in color Light 2, Vanilla. Perfect coverage and easy to work with.

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion, Original. This product singlehandedly changed my makeup game.

(In addition to this, I use Anastasia Brow Wiz and gel, Diorshow Mascara and various eyeshadows.)


Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in color 13. The perfect orange shade to compliment my soon to be tan skin.

And of course my beloved clear elastics. The rest are testers from Makeup Forever.

Xx Hanna 


Office hours



When you have a to do list longer than your day, there is only one thing to do – get started. When feeling unmotivated, I focus on making my work environment as comfortable as possible. That includes candles, music and treats. Another study tip: Schedule small breaks every other hour to reset your mind. When working on a computer, don’t spend your breaks checking social mediums – your brain needs variety. Personally, I resort to magazines that are completely unrelated to what I’m working on. And since there’s no distinct correlation between couture and corporate strategies, VOGUE is the perfect distraction.

On second thought, it’s quite nice actually – sitting inside when it’s raining cat’s and dogs outside. Especially when your room smells like scented candles.

Have a nice Friday! Xx Hanna

How to take care of your shoes

Cover photo from The Coveteur

I  like to think of shoes as an investment; A piece of versatile clothing that can be worn for different occasions, year after year. Nonetheless, like every other investment, proper care is essential.   However, after years of experience within the industry, I know for a fact that this is frequently neglected; If it’s due to laziness or lack of knowledge is beyond me. Aiming at the latter, here is a few tips and tricks that will help you to have your shoes on point(e); 

  • One shoe, does not fit all; find the style that is perfect for you and your feet. Finding the right shoe takes time, testing, and knowledge. Don’t be afraid to ask a store associate for help, we are more than happy to assist.
  • Buy proper shoecare. Remember, not all shoes are created equal; you can’t treat a canvas sneaker the same way you would a leather boot. At a minimum, you should have a protector and a cleanser at your disposal.
  • Spray/set new shoes with waterproof protector to protect against weather, dirt and grease stains. A rule of thumb is to spray 3 layers within 10 minute intervals, but this will depend on your product of choice – read the instructions.
  • Alternate pairs;Let your shoes rest. Wearing the same shoes day in, and day out, is bad for both your shoes, and your feet. When you take of your shoes for the day, let them sit for 24 hours and air out. (If you have to use them, I recommend spraying them with a shoe deodorant first. This will freshen up the sole and remove any unwanted bacteria


  • If you soak them, let them dry. Stuff them with newspaper (or a shoetree) and dry them away from direct heat. Direct heat will dry the leather too fast, causing it to crack — and once that happens, nothing can save your shoes.
  • Clean and rinse on a regualar basis. However, whatever you do, stay away from soap and water; Buy a cleanser that is specified for the material you are cleaning. It’s also possible to find multi cleaners that works on an array of materials. Yes, even ones that removes the wine stain from last nights festivities.
  • When dealing with leather: polish and moisturize. Depending on the finish of the leather you’re dealing with, use a leather cream/balm (rinse first!). I prefer the ones with color; they make your shoes look brand new. Finish of with a polish cloth and protector.
  • For suede and nubuck, the rules are diffrent. Use a suede brush and/or bar to remove stains. Remember to be gentle, and finish of with a protector.
  • For syntethic you want to avoid any kind of spray that is used on leather. Use a foam/spray specified for synthetic materials. If you use the wrong protector or cleaner, you can end up with a shoe full of spots – not the flattering kind.
  • Lastly, when you’ve done all there is to do, repeatedly, avoid taking the rash decision of throwing them away; if it’s a high quality shoe, get them repaired. A good pair of shoes never goes out of style..

Beauty tip: Makeup remover


When I was at Sephora the other day, I passed by this little plastic bag on my way to the cashier. It’s a reusable makeup remover that is easy to use and gentle to your skin – no unnecessary chemicals! Although I was sceptic at first, my doubts were removed as quickly as my makeup…

makeup cloth 2

Xx Hanna