Business and pleasure


This weekend Amfi Arendal (the local mall) threw a summer party for all the employees. After I closed the shop, I threw on some makeup, a jumpsuit and some heels, before the other girls came. Happy workers, great colleagues, good food and great wine pretty much sums up the night. How was your weekend?

Xx Hanna




From catwalk to sidewalk, off-the-shoulder is one of the hottest trends this summer. It’s a versatile silhouette that works just as well for work, as for a night out. Personally, I’m loving this Bardot inspired look and have purchased a couple of tops of the wardrobe classic. My favorite? This white dream from Club Monaco.

Xx Hanna




Sorry for my absence, but I’ve been coping with an inhumane jetlag the past week. Where am I?  Home in Arendal, a little gem on the Norwegian south coast. Fresh air, silence, friends and family – it’s the perfect way to recharge and prepare for a new semester… And to earn money. City life ain’t cheap.

How are you spending your summer? Xx Hanna 

What’s for dinner?


I rarely eat burgers, but when I do, it’s at Delicatessen (54 Prince Street). Switch their regular fries for truffle parmigiano ones, and you are in for a real treat. Crispy and savory, these are probably some of the best fries you can get in NYC. Bon Appétit!

Xx Hanna

The village









SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSunday. Woke up way too early. Remembered I have vacation, went back to sleep. Woke up again. Had my oatmeal. Did my makeup. Threw on an outfit. Went to west village with the girls. Had a cupcake from magnolia bakery. Remembered that their cupcakes aren’t all that. Walked off the cupcake. Gave up walking and took the subway. Saw a weird guy at the subway. Went to Hells Kitchen. Had dinner at our old spot. Went home and watched Grey’s. Listened to the Ellie Goulding until I fell asleep.

Sunday, I almost forgot how relaxing you are.  

 Xx Hanna

Vive le Weekend


Saturday’s are best spent in Soho. Browse through high-street stores like Zara and H&M, get your glam from Sephora, and stroll past the facades of Chanel, Vuitton and Saint Laurent. In need of some fuel in between stores? Walk a couple of blocks to RinTinTin and order an avocado sandwich. Address: 14 Spring St. 

Xx Hanna


Office hours



When you have a to do list longer than your day, there is only one thing to do – get started. When feeling unmotivated, I focus on making my work environment as comfortable as possible. That includes candles, music and treats. Another study tip: Schedule small breaks every other hour to reset your mind. When working on a computer, don’t spend your breaks checking social mediums – your brain needs variety. Personally, I resort to magazines that are completely unrelated to what I’m working on. And since there’s no distinct correlation between couture and corporate strategies, VOGUE is the perfect distraction.

On second thought, it’s quite nice actually – sitting inside when it’s raining cat’s and dogs outside. Especially when your room smells like scented candles.

Have a nice Friday! Xx Hanna

Spring in Soho

IMG_9366Trees in bloom, outdoor dining, and runs along the river; spring is slowly, but surely making its way to New York. Allergies aside, this is definitely my favorite season;no fear of neither hypothermia or a heatstroke…

Even though the last few weeks have been beyond hectic, I’ve managed to sneak in some lunches in SoHo. The Egg Shop, Rintintin, Butcher’s daughter and Two Hands are some of my favorite places. The latter just opened a new restaurant in Tribeca; we went there yesterday, but ended up at Sarabeth’s as their line was endless –  as is to be expected for Sunday Brunch.

Bag Zara / Tee Kenzo / Trench Gina T/ Jeans FRAME/ Boots Bianco

The photos are by my sweet friend Annis (@akamera). I love the light!

Talk soon. Xx Hanna


Pumped up kicks

Spring is upon us and it’s time to replace your all-weather boots with some lighter footing. This season, you can sport anything from a daring stiletto to a neutral sneaker – comfortable, practical and playful. The seasons key style, however, will be The Mule; creating the ultimate cool-girl look. 

Even though you don’t have to break the bank to be stylish, I’ve created a wish list from NET-A-PORTER; Unattainable, yet very inspirational. 

(Click photo for product details)


Blogpost: Knowing how far you’ve come

Consistency is key – a statement I apply to all aspects of my life, except this website. Nonetheless, I like the idea of having a space where I can be creative, share my thoughts and tips on various aspects of my life. And even though I’m trying, there is one thing working against me – time. Time is running away and I only have five weeks left of the semester. 5 weeks. By the midst of may, I have completed 2 years of my Bachelors. In September, I’ve lived in Manhattan for 2 years. I vividly remember the obscure feeling of happiness and frustration when I first moved her in 2014; Over the moon that I’ve made it, yet super frustrated by our crappy Hell’s Kitchen apartment. Still, it’s an experience I wouldn’t want to be without – we all learned a thing or two about ourselves that year. Including how not to kill a cockroach…

However, even though two years have passed as quick as a wink, a lot have changed.  Since I moved to the city, I’ve gained experiences from so many different fields and industries. I’ve worked with some truly amazing people, and I’ve seen the best and worst of fashion. I’ve met some great people and I’ve met friends for life. I’ve made countless memories that I’m beyond grateful for; More often than not, I’ve had to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

I know this sounds like I’m finishing of something. Like I’m concluding a chapter. Well, I’m not. In a world where everyone is striving to achieve bigger and better goals, I think it’s important to stop, and look back – Remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have to go. In hindsight, I’ve accomplished everything I dreamed of as a kid. Yet, instead of patting myself on the back, I’m stressing my self out over the fact that there is so much more I should’ve done. So much I need to do. As every other college student, I feel like the future is one big weight on my shoulders; there are so many choices, so many paths.

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and therefore I’ve come to terms with the fact that sometimes, something has to remain unknown. Cause if  I’ve learned on thing after two years in New York  it’s that anything can happen when you least expect it.

Xx Hanna

How to take care of your shoes

Cover photo from The Coveteur

I  like to think of shoes as an investment; A piece of versatile clothing that can be worn for different occasions, year after year. Nonetheless, like every other investment, proper care is essential.   However, after years of experience within the industry, I know for a fact that this is frequently neglected; If it’s due to laziness or lack of knowledge is beyond me. Aiming at the latter, here is a few tips and tricks that will help you to have your shoes on point(e); 

  • One shoe, does not fit all; find the style that is perfect for you and your feet. Finding the right shoe takes time, testing, and knowledge. Don’t be afraid to ask a store associate for help, we are more than happy to assist.
  • Buy proper shoecare. Remember, not all shoes are created equal; you can’t treat a canvas sneaker the same way you would a leather boot. At a minimum, you should have a protector and a cleanser at your disposal.
  • Spray/set new shoes with waterproof protector to protect against weather, dirt and grease stains. A rule of thumb is to spray 3 layers within 10 minute intervals, but this will depend on your product of choice – read the instructions.
  • Alternate pairs;Let your shoes rest. Wearing the same shoes day in, and day out, is bad for both your shoes, and your feet. When you take of your shoes for the day, let them sit for 24 hours and air out. (If you have to use them, I recommend spraying them with a shoe deodorant first. This will freshen up the sole and remove any unwanted bacteria


  • If you soak them, let them dry. Stuff them with newspaper (or a shoetree) and dry them away from direct heat. Direct heat will dry the leather too fast, causing it to crack — and once that happens, nothing can save your shoes.
  • Clean and rinse on a regualar basis. However, whatever you do, stay away from soap and water; Buy a cleanser that is specified for the material you are cleaning. It’s also possible to find multi cleaners that works on an array of materials. Yes, even ones that removes the wine stain from last nights festivities.
  • When dealing with leather: polish and moisturize. Depending on the finish of the leather you’re dealing with, use a leather cream/balm (rinse first!). I prefer the ones with color; they make your shoes look brand new. Finish of with a polish cloth and protector.
  • For suede and nubuck, the rules are diffrent. Use a suede brush and/or bar to remove stains. Remember to be gentle, and finish of with a protector.
  • For syntethic you want to avoid any kind of spray that is used on leather. Use a foam/spray specified for synthetic materials. If you use the wrong protector or cleaner, you can end up with a shoe full of spots – not the flattering kind.
  • Lastly, when you’ve done all there is to do, repeatedly, avoid taking the rash decision of throwing them away; if it’s a high quality shoe, get them repaired. A good pair of shoes never goes out of style..

Advise from Rachel Zoe

You know an article is captivating when you save a pdf file of it. I found the article below on LinkedIn, and thought it was too good not to share; partly beacuse I’m a huge fan of Rachel Zoe, and partly due to the simplicity of it. (Reposted from Rachel Zoe’s LinkedIn profile, original article can be found here). 

“Before I Became a Stylist, I Sold Shoes at the Mall. Here’s What I Learned “


My first job was as a sales associate at the Nine West store in Short Hills Mall in New Jersey. I applied because I wanted a little financial freedom from my parents and wanted to work at a job where I could interact and meet new people. At the time I didn’t know I wanted to be a stylist (I was only 16 and thought I’d one day be a psychiatrist), but I loved the satisfaction of showing customers options they didn’t even know they wanted and having them walk away excited about their new purchase.

I was a competitive seller, and I enjoyed being good at my job. That passion for working hard has continued to help me over the course of my career. While working at Nine West, I also quickly learned the value of people skills. The most helpful piece of advice I received was that the customer is always right and that you’re providing a service, so be nice! Catering to people’s needs, understanding their insecurities and adapting my services accordingly came pretty easily to me. Mastering the art of interpersonal interaction made me the top seller in the store — repeatedly — and that skill has remained important throughout my career as a stylist, editor, and designer.

On the contrary, I also learned about my weaknesses: Selling was easy for me, but processing customers at checkout was always disastrous. After that job, it became quite clear I did not have a future in finance.

Now that I’m running my own company, we’re always looking for people to join our design, editorial and styling divisions. Enthusiasm, a good work ethic, and a desire to learn make candidates stand out, even if they don’t have a lot of experience. Our best interns and employees are willing to go the extra mile, be proactive, and do everything with a smile.

My biggest piece of advice for anyone starting his or her first job would be to make sure to never act entitled. It’s important that no matter what your situation is, you work like you have only $5 in the bank. (End…)

It’s always interesting to see how people you look up to got where they are; how they built their empire with the same starting point as everyone else. However, what I found really interesting about this article is her statement of how positive qualities exceeds experience – proving that passion can take to great lengths.

Psst: If you haven’t checked it out already “The Rachel Zoe Project ” is a great show to watch if you have an intrest in the industry. 

Closet cravings

Uten navn-3

One of my biggest guilty pleasures is spending time browsing online, pretending that everything I click ends up in my closet. When I saw this collection from Saint Laurent at Net-a-porter, my dreams were heightened. Cool, casual, and everything a girl should wear this spring… Imagine going to a festival in the studded fringed denim skirt paired with a white tee, a leather jacket and some cool sneakers. And, of course, red lips.

Luckily, these looks won’t be impossible to achieve: Zara always has great alternatives to runway looks. Fingers crossed that they pick some of these pieces to recreate.

Xx Hanna

Beauty tip: Makeup remover


When I was at Sephora the other day, I passed by this little plastic bag on my way to the cashier. It’s a reusable makeup remover that is easy to use and gentle to your skin – no unnecessary chemicals! Although I was sceptic at first, my doubts were removed as quickly as my makeup…

makeup cloth 2

Xx Hanna

Spread a little love

Happy Valentines! Have a great day with the people you love. ♡

Somehow, someway, this weekend disappeared before I even realized it had started – time flies when you’re having fun, that’s for sure. Since I took both Friday and Saturday off, today is spent catching up on school and work. I have so many projects going on, and even though it’s a lot of work, I’m very excited. I’m one of those people who gets more energy by having a hectic schedule. Get up, and get it done.  

Other than that, it’s freezing outside. Negative 18 Celsius is not my cup of tea and thus leaving the apartment is the last thing on my mind. I guess that’s the beauty of paying rent in NYC; you don’t feel bad for staying inside an entire day…

Xx Hanna 


Me and my bags

I was 3 years old when I bought my first handbag. It was bright pink, had a top handle and lots of, lots of pearls. I loved it, and wore it everywhere – proudly showing of my latest purchase. As I grew older, my interest for bags grew and it became some sort of hobby. A passion. At 15 I invested in my first designer bag: A Louis Vuitton Speedy 30. Needless to say, I was even prouder. Especially since I had worked hours at the local café to be able to afford it. That, and the fact that my sister was insanely jealous, gave me utter satisfaction.

To date, I can still spend hours looking at bags. Silly, some might think – it’s just a bag. A piece of leather. On the contrary, I believe it so much more than that. It’s an investment. Now, I know that that sounds like it is taken out of shopaholics anonymous. However, what I mean by this is that a designer bag is more than just a status symbol : it’s about the craftsmanship. The quality. The exclusivity. Not to mention the history. Did you know that Louis Vuitton revolutionized travelling with his original trunks? To be very generalizing; Designer bags are to women, what luxury cars are to men. Then again, some people wouldn’t know a great bag if it smacked them in the face…

My point with this little speech is not only to share my fascination for bags, but also to share the extensive amount of work that actually goes into creating these leather luxuries.  Take a look!


Xx Hanna