Good Morning, New York!

Even though this city never sleeps, there is something rare about New York mornings. The air is fresh and crisp ; filled with the distinct aroma of coffee and bagels. People are rushing off in every direction, determined and ambitious. They’re late, just like me. I head towards the L train, and as usual, I pick the cart that smells like someone just died. Great. I get of at Union Square and catch my breath. Whilst running to the next platform, Stings’ ‘Shape of my heart’ fills the station and creates a surprisingly relaxing atmosphere. The musicians are so talented. I jump on the 4 train that is headed to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall. With Ellie Goulding in my ears, I stare at all the people in the cart; everyone is tired, so mysterious. I can’t tell if they are unhappy, contemplating their lives, or if they’re just wondering how their day is going to be. The suit besides me looks pretty nervous. Trembling. He probably has a big meeting to get to. The doors open, and I snap out of my hypnotized state. I speed walk towards One Pace Plaza, grab a skinny chai latte at Starbucks, and walk up the stairs to the 6th floor. Before I enter room 602, I smile. Good morning, New York!

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