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As you should may already know, today was the launch of the BALMAIN X H&M collaboration. When the items of this collection was released, I was ecstatic – the pieces were gorgeous, in true BALMAIN fashion – extravagant, glamorous, and a little too much. I couldn’t wait to strut around dressed in head-to-toe Balmain.

Full of hope and anticipation, Maria and I went to the 5th avenue store 7:30 this morning, thinking we were out in good time. Turns out, we couldn’t have been more wrong. The line was endless, people had already received their wristbands and there were no way anything would be left for us after they had their turn. Therefore, we went to the Times Square store, hoping there would be less people (feel the irony). Turns out, luck was on our side; We were greeted by a friendly old man, got a baby-blue wristband, and stood in line for 2 hours.

When they finally let our group into the shopping area, the ambiance went from crazy to circus – people were all over the place, and items were ripped of the racks. Consequently, the selection was slim, and I only managed to get my hands on a couple of pieces. Pieces, which I’m beyond happy about – I love the fabric, cut and colors. Bottle green is definitely this falls’ it-color..

Did you get anything from the designer collab?

Xx Hanna

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